Jan 27

Martinsburg Journal Submission 1/23/2014

My weekly article that appeared in Sundays Edition of the Martinsburg Journal.

Journal Submission for 01/23/2014

This week has been a little more paced with focuses on the issues. I am happy to report that HB4145 (the Crossbow Bill) has moved to the Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources. We are looking at an amendment already to the bill which will eliminate any extra fees associated with the bill. Another topic that appears to be on the agenda and coming is the pseudoephedrine bill. The focus to ban this product and make it by prescription only, doesn’t fix anything. During the Health & Human Resources Interim Committee meetings, we learned that the state’s drug problem relating to Meth was actually a rate between 9-11 percent of actual Methamphetamine made in the state. The other approx. 90 percent was actually brought into the state. So the answer by some is to ban this drug for purchase, making it prescription only. If that happens, 90 percent of the people that aren’t committing the crime will be forced to acquire a doctor’s appt., and buy this medication via prescription only. Simple products such as Sudafed and Claritin just to name a few may no longer be available. So if you suffer from allergies, get a cold, or have a child that needs this medication, it may be possible in the coming few months, it will cost you more. I personally do not believe in punishing the 90 percent for the 10 percent that commit the crime. As always, thank you for allowing me to serve you. www.LarryWFaircloth.com to get my updates regularly.

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