Jan 21

HB4161-Emergency Medical Services Act

Emergency Medical Services Act


Sometimes even a few minutes can matter in a time of an emergency. I am proud to be one of the sponsors of the Emergency Medical Services Act Bill. This piece of legislation will help give our first responders the ability to administer Nalaxone in cases where they are responding to drug overdose cases (Keep in mind, this goes far beyond drug users, as there has been an enormous rise in opioid overdoses in our elderly and disabled). When I first looked at this bill, I was afraid that this bill would give drug user a ‘crutch’, a way to keep them from overdosing. However upon deeper examination, it clearly defined itself that the benefits of this legislation would outweigh the bad by all counts.

My brother has been a first responder for as long as I can remember and loves serving the people. But the one thing that has to be hard for any of our first responders would be this scenario…

They arrive at the scene of a drug overdose where the elderly lady accidentally took a secondary dose of her pain killer, and they have no way of helping her because they know she will not survive the trip to the hospital leaving them with only one thing to say….”I am sorry, there is nothing we can do”.

This bill has been long overdue, and needs to be taken very seriously because somebody’s family member or friend could be directly affected if this bill does not pass.


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