Jan 15

HB4145- Crossbow Hunting for West Virginia

Recently, I introduced HB4145, The crossbow legislation bill. This bill will allow hunters to be permitted the use of crossbows during archery season with a special stamp as indicated with CB. This bill has been introduced in the past, and there is a Senate version of the bill as well. We are hoping that this year, the bill makes traction and gains passage through the House and Senate. As of current, legislation only allows crossbows to be used for individuals with disabilities. However, there have been numerous complaints from those individuals that they are still waiting approval even after application to be allowed the use of crossbows. Also, there are many hunters out there that were avid archers in the past, and now with time and age, can no longer manage their love of archery simply because they can no longer use a compound bow.

crossbow hunting


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