Fight the FDA

Attention: Vaping Community


Those Opposed to Governmental Overreach:


As you may already know, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released its “tobacco deeming regulations” that are an all out assault on the vapor industry. These regulations are a power grab that will destroy the diverse vapor industry that millions of Americans rely on for access to vapor products, an incredibly low-risk alternative to smoking. If allowed to stand, these regulations will force 99% of vapor products off the market and hand the smouldering ruins of the industry over to the large tobacco companies.

The FDA must be stopped!

Your voice needs to be heard by lawmakers, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the FDA. Please join us by signing on to the letter below which will be delivered to influential elected officials. Help us demand access to low-risk alternatives to smoking that are saving lives.

We need at least 100,000 signatures

And we need them NOW!

This is an issue that affects all of us — not just America’s 42 million smokers and their families. The FDA regulations will destroy jobs, deny smokers access to low-risk products, and decimate consumer choice. There should be no doubt that federal regulators have just handed a multi-billion dollar gift to the large tobacco companies. For small and medium businesses — arguably the heart and soul of the American economy — the FDA has instituted a de facto ban-by-paperwork.

 In order to prevent the coming economic and public health disaster, I am committed to working cooperatively with the various tobacco harm reduction advocacy organizations to pool our resources and create a unified front of opposition to this egregious governmental overreach by the FDA.  As we move forward this week, and into the next, I will be engaging our advocacy groups to offer my assistance, as I hope they will also stand behind a firm plan of action that we are putting diligently in place at this point.

 Our plan involves engagement with the members of Congress as well as the U.S. Senate, the FDA, as well as various state’s protective legal counsels. Much talk and coordination has occurred already on my part with those who are policy makers as well as legislative decision makers. I can not express the importance of unity as one voice to overcome this nefarious act that has been put upon the lives of millions of Americans and their families.

 Fighting for you,

Delegate Larry W. Faircloth (State Representative, WV)

Congressional Petition & Resolution Enactment


Whereas the FDA deeming regulation is predicated upon a law — The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (TCA) — that was intended to keep new, deadly forms of tobacco products from entering the market and out of the hands of youth and;

Whereas the FDA deeming regulation sends a dangerous and inaccurate message to smokers that low-risk vapor products are equally as hazardous as combustible cigarettes and;

Whereas according to several tobacco control experts including Dr. Michael Siegel from the Boston University School of Public Health and Clive Bates former Executive Director of Action on Smoking and Health UK (ASH), the harm of the FDA deeming regulations is unmitigated by any potential public health benefit and;

Whereas a prestigious professional organization in the United Kingdom — The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) — has released a report (Nicotine Without Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction) that strongly recommends that public health professionals and governments promote vapor products as a safer alternative to smoking as an effective means of reducing the death and disease attributed to cigarettes and;

Whereas Public Health England (PHE) has officially endorsed vapor products as an effective means to helping smokers quit smoking and;

Whereas numerous public health and medical professionals in the United States have been promoting e-cigarettes and vapor products as a reduced risk product that can help smokers transition to a smoke-free lifestyle and improve their health and;

We the undersigned members of the vaping community strongly urge you to challenge the extraordinary governmental overreach that has been committed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by enacting its “tobacco deeming regulations.”

We strongly believe this is an inappropriate framework for regulating low-risk, smoke-free vapor products that contain no tobacco. We strongly believe that FDA should allow e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers to tell the truth about their products in that they can be an effective way to end a deadly cigarette habit. We strongly believe the FDA should develop a separate regulatory framework that is tailored to the vapor product industry and helps facilitate consumer access to the diversity of products that are available today. We strongly believe that vapor  products present a monumental opportunity to greatly improve public health. Therefore, the FDA’s regulatory intervention is extreme and will unjustifiably cause thousands of Americans to lose their jobs while, at the same time, place millions more at risk of returning to smoking or never having the opportunity to switch to a low-risk alternative to cigarettes.

There have been many come together in this plan being put forward, and we would like to extend a special Thank You to those advocates who are with us on the sidelines pushing this. A special thank you to the troops at the The Vaping Militia for their relentless commitment to this effort. If other advocacy groups would like to be here with us, please let us know.

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Fighting this battle will entail not only the petition, but extensive travel expenses on my part, as well as legal counsel that will be needed. Since we have already put our plan in action, we will see the expenses adding up quickly. We can not do this without your support.

Can you Donate $5, $10, $25 Today? 

If just 10 percent of the signers, donated as little as $10, we could put up a fight that has never been seen before. Our efforts can only go as far as each of you!


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Faircloth Opposes FDA Overreach

Fight the FDA Now

Attention: Vaping Community And Those Opposed to Governmental Overreach: As you may already know, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released its “tobacco deeming regulations” that are an all out assault on the vapor industry. These regulations are a power grab that will destroy the diverse vapor industry that millions of Americans rely …

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