Jan 12

Faircloth Officially Announces Candidacy for 2018

For Immediate Release:

Faircloth Files For House Seat 

Faircloth Files for 2018 Race

To all my friends, family, and those in my community; I have decided to officially file for candidacy in the upcoming 2018 election. 

The decision to run was not a decision that I hastily decided to do. With a passion to serve my community, the decision has been up for topic of discussion over the last month between myself and others. After recent events, it was clear that I should file. It is important that we have a Delegate in the 60th District that while passionate to serve, does not do anything that could hurt the voters in their district. While I do support the ability of being able to ‘call to vacate’, It is important to remember there are repercussions for such actions if we are unsuccessful in those actions. 

While we do represent the state and the people as a whole, it is those in our district that elect us. If we lose the ability to work with leadership, we lose the ability to address the concerns and needs of our own district as we can be cut off from any level of activity that would give us the ability to ‘bring taxpayer dollars’ back to our district. 

The people of the 60th District have been punished and we must rebuild this. While I may not agree with leadership many times and have been known to stand up and ‘buck’ them, I do find that is also important to have a good working relationship with all the delegation if possible. At the end of the day it is for the benefit of the people. 

I have always been one while in office that can firmly say that I stood up for my fellow West Virginians. I was always tenaciously opposed to any tax increases that would further burden our residents and will continue to do so. There is too much wasteful spending in Government, and before we can ask residents to open their wallets perhaps we should teach government how to quit spending what they do not have.

Personal Liberties and Freedoms are an important issue to me as well. Whether it be the Right to Keep and Bear Arms or Property Rights, we often find that the Governments over reach is excessive at times.

I love my senior community take great pride in trying to do things that will help their lives; as they are the ones that paved the way and built this state for the younger generations. 

Let us not forget the issues as well. West Virginia is a a very beautiful state. Yet we are quickly exporting out our own population. We need economic strategies that will help continue to bring in good paying jobs that can sustain and grow our population, yet preserve our way of life as Mountaineers. As our children grow, they are leaving this state for higher education as well as better paying jobs in other states. 

Over the last few years we have also seen the drug problem grow at a phenomenal rate. While measures are being taken to combat this growing epidemic, it is quickly touching the lives of all West Virginians. We must not only combat this issue on the streets but revisit the sources that are creating new addictions daily. 

My friends, while we are slowly getting on the right track in this state, my focus for the 60th District will be that we in the panhandle are not shut out by Charleston. I would like to think we contribute more to the state than just our tax dollars for the  benefit of the state to spend it at will. 




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