Mar 27

A Law Enforcement Story Shared-Thank You for your Service


In as much as we have all seen the controversy over gun rights and gun ownership, many over look the fact that it really arent the guns that kill innocent people. Its the criminals behind the trigger. The gun is only the instrument. I was blessed to receive such a touching story by one of West Virginias finest; a law enforcement officer that I will leave nameless, but willing to go out and put his life on the line for each and every one of us every morning he wakes up. He never questioned his job; he never questioned his duty; he did what was he believed in. But more touching are his views. We could all learn a lesson by this letter:

I know you are busy so I thought that I tell you my story. I have been a Police Officer for 13 years, I also have a degree in Respiratory Therapy. On October 13 2011, I was on duty In Galsgow WV. There was a call to assist Cedar Grove Police Department, a neighboring agency. During that call I was struck by a fleeing suspect and thrown 8 feet, causing damage to ribs, hip, lung and heart. Ultimately that suspect received only a year home confinement for an intentional act. I missed 6 weeks of work.

On December 13th 2011, I was doing paperwork in the office. A call came in that there was a burglary in progress. While securing the scene an armed suspect fired a sawed off shotgun striking me in the chest and forearm from only 18 inches away. My injuries are quite extensive. My right radius was shattered to the point that I have had two reconstructions, the 2nd they took bone from my hip to rebuild my arm, causing nerve and muscle damage in leg. My sternum and ribs were broken, 4 holes in my lung which led to my lung partially collapsing and filling with blood, two holes in my liver, my thumb was internally severed, subcutaneous air trapped under my skin, and 1st and 2nd degree burns on my chest and forearm.

The reason I gave you both accounts of what happened to me is to show that if someone wants to hurt you, they will. Based on several people’s skewed logic banning firearms would have prevented me being shot. Well based on that mentality banning cars would have prevented me being struck by a fleeing suspect, after all cars have killed more people with crashes and DUIs than gun crimes have. If they are truly interested in safety why are they not going after automobiles?

 The man who shot me was a convicted felon with an illegally modified firearm. The law said he wasn’t supposed to possess that firearm, that he wasn’t to saw off the barrel, and that he wasn’t shoot a Police Officer with it. Do you think he cared that the law said he wasn’t supposed to have, let alone use that firearm? The written law didn’t slow him in the least. You see he is a criminal, he doesn’t care what the law says. Passing new laws would only take firearms from decent law abiding citizens, who have no intention of using them with criminal intent.

You see in 13 years in law enforcement I have come to realize that the majority of crimes are committed by repeat offenders. I feel this reason for this is because there is little to no consequences for their actions, the perpetrator who hit me with his car has done it before, he ran down his girlfriend in the late 90’s. Nothing was done to him then because he was buddies with the cop, I use that term for his position only, not because he actually embodied what it means to be one. As I said above for intentionally striking me he only received a year home confinement. The man who shot me has been charged with numerous felonies and only to have most of them dismissed by the same judge. To make matters worse that same judge reduced his bond in half in an attempt to release him back into the public, as his family posted his bond the ATF stepped in and put a retainer on him to prevent his release.

 Guns are not the problem, law abiding citizens are not the problem, the problem is people. Whether it be the ones actually committing the violent crimes or the ones violating the Constitution.

Please excuse any typos. You have my permission to use this in it’s entirety or any part it in your efforts to protect Our Constitutional Rights. I took an oath to uphold the Constitution. I may not be able to be in the field, but I will do what I can to fulfill that oath.

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